Machinery Trading Company (Since 1994)

BOMAG (Fayat Group)
– is a company founded in 1957 in Boppard, Germany, world market leader in the field of Compaction Technology and manufacture of machines for the compaction of soils, asphalt and refuse,  stabilizers/recyclers, ashpalt milling machines as well as finishers.

The Asphalt Milling Machines (Cold Planers) from BOMAG have a significant field of applications, from trench milling, to all types of milling and removal of asphalt and ground on streets and motorways (working widths from 500 mm up to 2200 mm). All machines are have robust design, reliable engines, unique design of the milling drums and  tool holders, as well as stress-free operation and maintenance. More info…

Fields of application

  • Removing surface layers
  • Cutting clear edges 
  • Motorways
  • Complete removal of roads
  • Partial removal of road layers
  • Clearing manhole covers
  • Milling of road markings
  • Reconstruction of roads

Compact Milling Machines

Productivity and comfort re-defined.

BOMAG has re-defined productivity and comfort with the new BM 500/15 & BM 600/15. Planers which have everything a compact unit needs. All round it is genuine BOMAG: new technology, durability and long service life, the best planing performance and intelligent fine detail. Plus there’s great handling and operator comfort and the simplest of maintenance. All this for the fastest return on your investment.

Weights: 6,7 – 8,5 ton
Working widths: 500 – 600 mm
Milling depths: 0 – 210 mm

Engine types: DEUTZ
Performance: 105 kW
Output: up to 2000 m²/day
3 & 4 Wheel version
Short and Long conveyor track

Universal Milling Machines

The new dimension in efficiency.

The cold planers BM 1000, 1200 and 1300/35 with changed swiveling mechanism are designed for the selective milling of road and ground surfaces. Due to their clear arrangement and maneuverability, they are especially suited for country roads, inner-city work as well as roundabouts. The maximum milling depth of 330 mm and the lateral arrangement of the milling roller allows milling right up to the curb or walls. For this purpose the rear right hand track drive can be fully automatically swiveled to a position in front of the milling drum.

Weights: 21,5 – 26,7 ton
Working widths: 1000 – 1200 – 1300 mm
Milling depths: 0 – 330 mm

Engine types: MTU Mercedes
Performance: 260 kW
Output: up to 3000 m²/day
4 crawler version (1 swiveling)
Automatic leveling

Large Milling Machines

For everything ahead of us.

The new BM 2000/75 and BM 2200/75 cold planers are designed for selective milling of road and base materials. Their output and effi ciency makes them ideally suited to large-scale projects on motorways, major roads and airports. However, these units are designed for effective operation on many more applications: the wide range of milling drums, unique manoeuvrability and large conveyor belt slewing swivel angle make these models popular and reliable choices even for smaller projects. With a standard width of 2,000 mm or 2,200 mm and a_ maximum milling depth of 350 mm, large material volumes can be quickly removed in one pass. Low operating costs are another major feature – thanks to the maintenance-free BOMAG BMS 15 exchange holder system.

Weights: 29,5 – 37,9 ton
Working widths: 2000 – 2200 mm
Milling depths: 0 – 350 mm

Engine types: MTU Mercedes
Performance: 567 kW
Output: > 3000 m²/day
4 crawler version
Automatic leveling


  • Light Compaction Equipment
  • Light Asphalt Rollers
  • Road Widener
  • Road Repairing Machines
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Asphalt Pavers
  • Joint Cutting Machines
  • Portable Compressors
  • Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Pneumatic Rollers
  • Attachment Sweepers
  • Heavy Asphalt Rollers
  • Refuse Compactors
  • Soil Compaction Rollers
  • Emulsion Sprayers