Machinery Trading Company (Since 1994)

BOMAG (Fayat Group)
– is a company founded in 1957 in Boppard, Germany, world market leader in the field of Compaction Technology and manufacture of machines for the compaction of soils, asphalt and refuse,  stabilizers/recyclers, ashpalt milling machines as well as finishers.

The Asphalt Pavers (Finishers) from BOMAG have a significant field of applications, from  Asphalt and paving applications. Repair work on roads and agricultural roads, pipeline, trench and sewer line construction, landscape gardening, back fills and foundation works and many more. More info…

Fields of application:


  • Asphalt paving
  • Small city streets & boulevards 
  • Motorways
  • Bicycle lanes & footpaths
  • Asphalt reconstruction
  • Airport construction
  • Landscape projects
  • Soil embankments

Asphalt pavers (Mini pavers)

The economical solution for small contracts.

The BF 223 C is a mini paver with an operating weight of about 5 t and an exceptionally compact design. This model is effective and economical when used in the construction and maintenance of bicycle lanes, footpaths, and landscaping projects plus a wide range of small-scale construction and repair on general road construction works.

Weights: 5 ton
Working widths: 1,4 – 4 m
Engine types: PERKINS
Performance: 37 kW
Output: 200 t/h

Asphalt pavers (City pavers)

Quality in the 7-9 t class. Every time.

The road paver BF 300, a machine which is suited for the inner-city reconstruction measures as well as for the rural road construction. Based on its compact design, also construction works in restricted areas are optimally possible. The unexampled versatility of the BF 300 offers best application possibilities in the construction of cycle paths as well as in landscaping projects.

Weights: 8 – 8,5 ton
Working widths: 1,70 – 5 m
Engine types: KUBOTA
Performance: 55,4 kW
Output: 300 t/h
Crawler & Wheel version

Asphalt pavers (Universal pavers)

Safe and sound highways.

The BF 600 & BF 700 are true all-round talents by the symbiosis of performance strength and versatility. Thus, these machines are applicable for a variety of construction sites – reconstruction of medium size motorway sections up to new construction of residential streets. Within this scope, the BF 600/BF 700 guarantee an optimal quality at highest possible economics.

Weights: 18,5 – 19,5 tons
Screed widths: 2,50 – 9 m
Engine types: MTU Mercedes
Performance: 128 kW
Output: 600-700 t/h
Crawler & Wheel version

Asphalt pavers (Highway pavers)

 20 t class efficiency and ease of handling.

The BF 800 & BF 900, with paving widths of 2.50 m to 10 m, are ideal for medium to large-scale construction projects on motorways and major roads. These BOMAG pavers are designed for high paving outputs: for example,on larger output jobs on local roads and inner city areas.

Weights: 20,3 – 21,5 ton
Working widths: 2,50 – 10 m
Engine types: DEUTZ
Performance: 140 – 160 kW
Output: 800 – 900 t/h
Crawler & Wheel version

Asphalt feeder

The BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder delivers uniform and constant material to the paver, reducing paving times and improving the quality of the finished job. The outstanding features of the BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder are its high output and compact design. Theoretical output is 4,000 t/h, which means the unit can handle a 27 tonne lorry load in only 35 seconds. At the same time the feeder width is just 2.55 m narrow enough for transport without special permit. This makes the BMF2500 a versatile machine which can be used on site in confined areas.

Weights: 20 – 24,5 tons
Working widths: 2,5 m
Engine types: CUMMINS
Performance: 170 kW
Output: 4000 t/h


  • Light Asphalt Rollers
  • Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Portable Compressors
  • Road Repairing Machines
  • Joint Cutting Machines
  • Pneumatic Rollers
  • Light Compaction Equipment
  • Heavy Asphalt Rollers
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Attachment Sweepers
  • Soil Compaction Rollers
  • Road Widener
  • Asphalt Milling Machines
  • Refuse Compactors
  • Emulsion Sprayers