The smallest of all BOMAG compact pavers, with min. working width of just 1,10 m, the BF 200 paver covers many new paving applications in the urban city road construction (e.g. paving between train/tram tracks). The unique 2 platform concept, also makes this paver ideal for use in very tight and confined areas, such as subways and tight pedestrian corridors. 

BOMAG developed the BF 200 to satisfy the needs road building in the city centers. It’s variable paving working width and the 2 different working heights on the operators platform, enable flexible adjustment to all urban working conditions. 

The paving width starts from 1,10 m and it can be extended up to 3,40 m, in a very short time, thanks to the proved Quick Coupling system for fast screed extension. Also, thanks to the efficient Мagmalife technology, the screed heating is fast and even on the entire screed plates. All of this, enables the paver BF 200 to achieve max. paving capacity of 200 t/h.
The machine can also be transported with the screed extensions attached, without the need to dismount them. 

A unique feature on the BF 200 is the minimum paving width of 1,10 m. For the first time, this allows paving between train and tam tracks, with a paver! The new mini BOMAG paver successfully tackles all others aspects of the urban paving, considerably improving the quality of asphalt in cities – especially in areas in which previously were only paved manually. 

The Kubota 55 kW engine, gives enough power and fulfills the European emission standard Stage V. This makes the machine more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and in same time an innovative investment, due to the Stage V compliance, which are required after 2020 and beyond.

The BF 200 also features the practical BOMAG ECOMODE system for low fuel consumption. The active engine management system, automatically adjusts the engine speed and supplies power when necessary. Other advantage of this system , is the lower noise emission especially in the urban areas.

Visibility and Ergonomy.

The new and unique design of the operators platform with 2 adjustable positions, allows the operator to choose between 2 different heights of working. The higher position enables excellent visibility over the bunker and other parts, while the lower platform position allows the operator to stand straight with comfort and safety, when working in closed and confined urban areas.

The operators has a full view on both sides of the paver, thanks to the 2 control levers left and right. This means the paver BF 200 can be ergonomically and precisely controlled from both sides, depending on which side are the paving references.