The company BOMAG from Germany, has been developing and manufacturing compaction machines for more than 60 years. The goal is to have a continuing development for all machines, and each new generation to be better and more efficient than the previous. This goal was again achieved with the new pneumatic tired roller BW 28 RH. The improvement comes from the flexible ballast, the ergonomic cabin the productivity – with innovations on every aspect, which make the new BW 28 RH, an ideal machine for all types of road construction projects.

Improvements  and continuous development is always possible, no matter how good the original product is. 
The pneumatic roller BW 28 RH is the best proof for that, because it represents a further optimization of the already proven and efficient BOMAG pneumatic tired rollers. For example, to achieve better compaction quality, аn optimal view of the working area is required. In order to achieve this, BOMAG literally looked in the animal kingdom and was inspired by the unique look of the Hammer Shark for the design of the chassis. The front part of the BW 28 RH is designed to look like the head of the Hammer Shark and allows the operator/driver to have unobstructed and full view of the tire surface. With this advantage, the operator can see at all times, whether the tires are wet, or if asphalt or bitumen is sticking to them.

The new pneumatic roller BW 28 RH cabin also offers comfort and optimal ergonomy for the driver in all conditions. The unobstructed view of the working platform doesn’t mean just increased comfort, but also means significant increase of the working efficiency, because it is possible to work much closer and precise to the asphalt edges and joints. As an addition the door opens in opposite way, so it helps the view in all sides.

Besides the excellent view, the flexibility of this rollers plays a major role. The BW 28 RH sets new standards, as all-round player in every construction site. The different ballast options (weight increase) offered by this roller are they key factor. All of this is enabled by continuous increase of the working weight from 8.6 to 28 t, and it can be adjusted quickly and easy, depending on the demands, with steel or concrete blocks, which are easily slided inside the roller’s chassis. As an addition, a hermetically closed compartment of 3 m³ can be used for ballasting on demand, with water, sand, granulates etc. With the weight adjustment, it is possible for the same roller to be used for compacting the basic layer and then the surface layer, or to work on jobsites with different applications (asphalt, soil, etc..) – with just one machine. The BW 28 RH can be adjusted quickly and easy depending on the local conditions.

But this pneumatic rollers is not only exceptional in technical terms, but it is also excellent in aspect of comfort, easy maneuverability, and impressive amount of innovations. The operator enjoys comfort and optimal ergonomy in all working conditions, which makes the job more enjoyable and more productive. 

The cabin itself allows enough movement freedom and storage spaces, and a powerful ventilation system. Due to the completely sealed floor, the cabin has good sound isolation. Another feature is the variable adjustment of the seat, which practically “floats” in the cabin without effort. The different and free rotation of the seat against the steering column, allows comfortable seating during a long working day. The redesigned brake pedal, covers the entire width of the operator’s platform, making it accessible and safe at any time and position of the seat.

No matter if it’s construction of highways, airport runways, rural or urban roads, parking lots – due to it’s highly specialized design, the BW 28 RH is the ideal machine for all road construction requirements and can quickly and flexibly react in changes of conditions. The BW 28 RH, offers economical results during earthworks, asphalt compaction, compaction of high stabilized soil embankments and surface repairs and yet again demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of BOMAG machines.