Don’t work hard, work smart.


SHERPA Mini Loader (Netherlands) is a company with clear mind to improve the working conditions, by developing innovative tools and machines. The extensive “range” of the SHERPA mini loaders makes heavy work easier, lighter, faster and cleaner.
The compact SHERPA 100 is a powerful and versatile machine that can be deployed for a whole range of applications in the construction, agricultural and gardening sectors. Thanks to its compact size a Sherpa 100 is easy to transport in a delivery van or a trailer.

Sherpa 100 Agri
With width of just 76 cm the Sherpa 100 Agri can squeeze through narrow corridors. The Sherpa 100 Agri is an ideal machine for working in stables, stalls, agricultural fields for mucking out and delivering straw, feed and soil.
Sherpa 100 Small
A unique combination of a narrow working width of 76 cm and a powerful engine makes the delivery & removal of soil, materials & excavating tasks a walk in the park. Ideal machine that can be deployed successfully in construction, demolition work, gardening etc.
Sherpa 100 Petrol
What is notable is the powerful and reliable Honda 21 HP petrol engine that ensures that the Sherpa 100 Petrol does its duty with even the most challenging tasks. Whether it is placing kerb stones, dragging tree-stumps or moving concrete paving bricks.
Sherpa 100 Diesel
With use of hydraulic technology for both the 4WD drive and machine-specific functions like lifting and rotating, the Sherpa 100 Diesel is the most powerful mini-loader for the road building, construction and gardening.
Sherpa 100 Eco
The Sherpa 100 Eco has caused a revolution in the building and demolition worlds. Combining the compact versatility of the Sherpa 100 and a powerful and durable electric motor has created a Sherpa with incomparable benefits.
Sherpa 100 2speed
This machine has 2 speeds. Slow for more power to work and Fast gear to cover longer distances with a higher speed. Thanks to the ingenious design with 2 hydraulic pumps, it is a real pleasure to work with this machine.