Machinery Trading Company (Since 1994)

The MASSENZA corporation has been exporting their specialized range of construction equipment to worldwide markets for over 60 years.
The company is based on two divisions:
• Department for development and manufacturing of equipment and plants for bitumen handling;
• Department for engineering and manufacturing of concrete machinery.

On both lines MASSENZA is a manufacturer leader thanks to the innovative technology and advanced concepts developed in their products.
The extensive knowledge built up trough uninterrupted research and field experience has resulted in a wide range of reliable and top quality products.


Mounted on truck body or chassis for easy mounting onto vehicle, the solutions Massenza develops over years can have different capacities, dimensions and features to match customers needs and suit truck specifications.

Fields of application:

  • Emulsion spraying
  • Bitumen & PMB spraying
  • Road construction
  • Road rehabilitation
  • Computerized spraying

Spraying tank Type B (BASE MODEL)


Heating system with diesel oil automatic burner, 24 V d.c., U-return flues pipes, safety devices for minimum level and max temperature.
Diesel oil tank, located opposite side to burner, 200 litres capacity.
Thermal insulation with rock wool, 100 density, 100 mm thickness, zinc plated metal protection sheets.
Special pump, self-heated, driven by over powered diesel engine. Capability to fill tank from outside source, circulate bitumen directly inside the tank or through spray bar, load another tank, etc.
Spraying equipment isolated and cleaned by pumping diesel oil through it, using the pump; drainage by compressed air.
Spray bars of different lengths, manually foldable, including controls from the truck-cab
Spray bar height manually adjustable
Quantity control by pressure manual adjustments
Hand spray bar equipped with three nozzles, valve and 4 mt length flexible hose.

Spraying tank Type C (ADVANCE MODEL)


Heating system with hot oil heater type MO5 and MO8 (50.000 / 80.000 kcal/h)
Hot oil circulating pump hydraulically driven from diesel engine.
Hot oil coils inside the product tank
Jacketing heating system for the bitumen pump.
Jacketing heating system for both central section and extensions of the spray bar
Engine, pump and heater installed on the opposite side of the spray bar.


Special design for high viscosity bitumen, with large free flow circuit, oil heating of piping, valves, spray-bar, etc.
Suction filter of large dimensions and special delivery filter, easy removable for cleaning.
Heating system with bigger hot oil heater MO14 (140.000 kcal/h)
Thermal oil circuit with centrifugal pump, possibility of separate circuit for direct heating of spray bar.
Connecting pipes to spray bar fully jacketed and with telescopic adjustment (no flexible pipes!).
Internal stirring with different devices, depending on the type of product.
Spray bars, hot oil jacketed, with large free flow dimensions, fixed length, extendable manually by articulated joints or hydraulically on both sides.
Special insulation, including also some bitumen piping.
Wide selection of optional to perform specific needs.