Machinery Trading Company (Since 1994)

Green Power 
is a young dynamic company that stands out for efficiency and competence in the generators market.
Product quality, flawless performance, investments in research and development and well-established know-how are only some of the strong points that enabled Green Power to establish itself at national and international level in the production and selling of generators.
The first target is the customer’s total satisfaction and so Green Power technical and sales staff works hard every day to achieve such a purpose, paying the utmost attention both to the professional competence and to the establishment of solid interpersonal connections with customers.


Fields of application:

     Supply of electrical power to:

  • Building sector
  • Industry
  • Schools, Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Remote housing & objects
  • Light for Sport events & Concerts

GP 1500 rpm generators

GREEN POWER 1500 rpm generators are designed for versatile applications ranging from building sector to industry and from agriculture to civil protection.
Solid electro-welded steel frames with built-in varying-capacity tank produced by Green Power, engines and alternators supplied by the most important world manufacturers of the sector and state-of-the-art control units are the elements able to guarantee top-quality generators.
Canopies are made of steel and so our generators can be also applied in tropical environments. Green Power canopies guarantee the utmost accessibility for maintenance and cleaning operations.
Design and production at the company plant are Green Power‘s strong points and this peculiarity favours the time-to-market reduction, making it also possible to customize the products.

GP 3000 rpm generators

GREEN POWER 3000 rpm generators are conceived to meet energy production requirements up to 18 kVA.

Our range of generators is characterized by these features:
Very practical and easy to use
High silentness
Excellent performance
Easy to transport
Low maintenance costs

Petrol and diesel versions are available in the following motorizations: LombardiniHondaKohlerYanmar.

GP Lighting towers

GREEN POWER lighting towers are designed to supply lighting in any situation, including night working sites and large outdoor areas hosting sport competitions, concerts and events.

GREEN POWER fixed or mobile lighting towers can be:
–  Supplied with generators with power up to 22 kVA, one-phase or three-phase, petrol or diesel
–  Connected to a normal one-phase exit of the generator or of the electric network
–  Supplied on slow-towing yard trailers or type-approved road trailers


  • Portable Compressors
  • Refuse Compactors
  • Asphalt Milling Machines
  • Soil Compaction Rollers
  • Light Asphalt Rollers
  • Joint Cutting Machines
  • Pneumatic Rollers
  • Road Repairing Machines
  • Asphalt Pavers
  • Light Equipment
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Road Widener
  • Heavy Asphalt Rollers
  • Emulsion Sprayers