Cold planers: The future of cold planing is here.

BOMAG offers a wide range of innovative cold planers. From the compact model with a working width of 500 mm up to the 750 PS class with a working width of 2,200 mm. BOMAG has set new technical standards, especially for ease of maintenance and milling technology. Each model is highly versatile due to built-in adaptability. With excellent maneurverability and compact design, these planers are most suitable for selective removal of road surfaces and pavements, especially in confined work areas, and for country and arterial roads.

Compact Milling Machines
Next level of flexibility & productivity. Second generation of compact planers are setting the standards when it comes to ergonomics and productivity. 45°-swivel comfort seat, 7-inch full graphic leveling and operating panel with intuitive design.
Universal Milling Machines
BM 1000, 1200, 1300/35 are designed for the selective milling of road and ground surfaces. The manuevrability is particularly suitable for country roads, inner-city work and roundabouts. Max. milling depth of 330 mm, milling widths 1 m/1,2 m/1,3 m.
Heavy Milling Machines
BM 2000/75 & BM 2200/75 cold planers are designed for selective milling of road and base materials. Ideally suited to large-scale projects on motorways, major roads and airports. Standard width of 2,000 mm or 2,200 mm and a maximum milling depth of 350 mm.