Light tandem rollers for soil compaction and asphalt patching. Ideal for footpaths and repair work as well as finishing work in road construction. Compact BOMAG tandem rollers have also acquired an excellent reputation in gardening and landscaping. With working widths from 80 cm to 138 cm, and weights from 1,5 t up to 4.3 t, reliable Kubota engines, BOMAg offers the widest range of light tandem rollers.

Light Rollers (< 1,8 ton)
BW 80/90/100 AD-5: The line up to 1.8 t. The lightest tandem rollers for soil and asphalt compaction. Ideal for footpaths and repair work as well as finishing work in road construction. Weight class: 1,5 - 1,8 t
Light Rollers (< 3,7 t)
BW 100/120 AD-5: The multi-talents from 2.3 to 3.7 t. Universal and most sold light tandem roller for soil and asphalt compaction. Ideal for city streets, bicycle paths, sports fields and finishing work in road construction.
Light Rollers (< 5 t)
BW 135/138 AD-5: The heavyweights from 3.9 to 4.3 t. Largest light tandem rollers for flexible use on mid sized and larger projects in road construction and rehabilitation.
Combination Rollers (< 5 t)
The rolling and kneading effect of the rubber wheels pulls bitumen to the surface and achieves maximum sealing of the asphalt layer. The tires adaptability also makes clean compaction on transitions and edges. Weight class: 1,5 - 4,2 t
Side Clearance Rollers
In order to increase flexibility in tight spaces, BOMAG offers rollers with clear-sided drums. The drums are only suspended on one side and off-centre. As a result, they can compact cleanly right up to high walls of e.g. buildings and other boundaries. Weight class: 1,6 - 1,7 t
Economizer System
The ECONOMIZER is the easiest and most efficient compaction monitoring system. The degree of compaction is measured automatically and continuously by the system and shown to the operator on a simple LED display.