Construction site masters – Made in Germany: powerful and efficient with long-term value retention

Compressed air wherever you need it – even under the toughest conditions: The main Kaeser plant in Coburg produces powerful machines with advanced, fuel-saving motors and heavy-duty chassis in a wide range of models – from the smallest portable units to large compressors. Kaeser Service Network, with its state-of-the-art logistics, ensures operational reliability wherever you are. www.kaeser.com

Compressors up to 1.6 m³/min
Versatile, reliable and easy to transport: The small compressors take up minimal loading space and with their high-quality motors and extremely impact-resistant PE enclosures, are ready for anything. Pressures from 7 - 15 bar.
Compressors up to 5.0 m³/min
Compact portable compressors are manuоevrable in traffic and on the building sites to ensure reliable performance even in cold conditions thanks to the patented Anti-Frost Control. Pressures of 7 - 14 bar
compressors up to 11.5 m³/min
Range of mobile compressors (5 - 11 m3/min) with versatility to meet your needs whatever challenges you face. Every version turns the compressor into an expert for its intended application.
COMPRESSORS up to 23.3 m³/min
Portable compressors in the 10-20 m3/min (up to 14 bar) class can easily handle ambient temperatures up to +50 °C and below -10 °C. With advanced systems and engine management controls, they are also exceptionally efficient.
Compressors up to 34 m3/min
Large compressors up to 34 m3/min (14 bar) with top-quality compressed air with maximum availability, designed for continuous operation. Modern engines and control technologies, these compressors are extremely economical and ecological.
Tools & Accessories
Breakers, hammer drills, connecting hardware and accessories. Tools achieve maximum efficiency through perfect matching with the individual compressor. - Quiet operation, - low vibration, Effortless drilling through rock and concrete.