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Compressed air wherever you need it – even under the toughest conditions. The main KAESER plant in Coburg, Germany produces powerful machines with advanced, fuel saving motors and heavy duty chassis in a wide range of models – from the smallest portable units to large trailer compressors. The range extends from 1 m³/min all the way up to 48.1 m³/min.

MOBILAIR < 1,6 m3/min

Versatile, reliable and easy to transport: The small compressors take up minimal loading space and with their high-quality motors and extremely impact-resistant PE enclosures, are ready for anything. Pressures from 7 - 15 bar.

MOBILAIR < 6,6 m3/min

Compact portable compressors are manuоevrable in traffic and on the building sites to ensure reliable performance even in cold conditions thanks to the patented Anti-Frost Control. Pressures of 7 - 14 bar

MOBILAIR < 10,6 m3/min

Range of mobile compressors (5 - 11 m3/min) with versatility to meet your needs whatever challenges you face. Every version turns the compressor into an expert for its intended application.

MOBILAIR < 48 m3/min

Diesel compressors up to 48 m3/min with dynamic ‘pV control’ to provide incredible flexibility, which deliver pressures between 6 - 14 bar from one unit. This makes them ideal for cable blowing, drilling and blasting as well as providing backup air in mining and industry.


Wide range of electric compressors with flow rates up to 24,7 m3/min (15 bar) with no emissions and maintenance free reliability. These portable powerhouses are incredibly durable, compact and energy-efficient.


Breakers, hammer drills, pneumatic hoses & accessories. Tools achieve maximum efficiency through perfect matching with the individual compressor. - Quiet operation, - low vibration, Effortless drilling through rock and concrete.

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