Light Equipment for Professionals

Every BOMAG machine incorporates the compaction experience of decades from tamper to multi-purpose compactors. Understanding customer requirements is an integral part of this process, which is why BOMAG is in constant dialogue with clients to develop ever better machines.

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BOMAG tampers, reliable and extremely tough: these 4-stroke engine are ideal for trench compaction, landscaping, compaction on backfill, foundations, patching and repairs.
Single direction plates
BOMAG single direction vibratory plates are designed for use in all earthworks, asphalt and paving applications. The range offers the right solution, plus extra BOMAG reliability and compaction power.
Reversible Vibratory plates
Reversible vibratory plates popular choices for many small and medium-sized construction sites. BOMAG offers a full range of models with operating weights from 120 to 750 kg.
Single drum rollers
BOMAG is the leader in hand guided rollers since 1957. Beginning with one model, there is now an entire range of hand guided rollers that have one thing in common: a better compaction result.
Double vibratory rollers
BOMAG is the leader in hand guided rollers since 1957. The double vibration hand guided rollers have the best compaction result in the class and are used for parkways, streets, bicycle and pedestrian paths and patches.
Multipurpose compactor
This Articulated, Radio-controlled multipurpose compactor, achieves outstanding compaction results on soil compaction in trenches, sewers and on pipeline construction.