Recyclers & Soil Stabilizers

BOMAG soil stabilizers and recyclers handle every construction site to perfection. From car parks, roads, landfill sites and dam construction to industrial areas, major highways, railway tracks and airports.  BOMAG recyclers are used on crushing asphalt, soil stabilization or cold recycling. The experienced international team of BOMAG specialists ensures that the requirements of every construction site are met and continues to innovate and lead.
RS 460 / RS 500
BOMAG recyclers are highly versatile. Unique product range, which is the largest in the world, easily copes with the most varied fields of application such as crushing asphalt, soil stabilization or cold recycling.
Recycler RS 600/650
The BOMAG RS 600 stabilizer/recycler guarantees consistently high quality on all applications around the world. Based on over 40 years experience, BOMAG has set new standards of soil stabilizers.