Strassmayr brand is associated with high-quality machinery and services for the Road construction business. Professional and quality-oriented approach with innovative machines for application in Road Construction and Road Rehabilitation. Road patchers, Emulsion sprinklers, Road Widening machines, Thermo containers for asphalt, Crack-sealing machines and more. strassmayr.com

Straßmayr STP Road Patchers are Road repairing machines designed for partial repair of road surfaces, with use of innovative spraying technology of bitumen and aggregates.
Cracksealing machine
RWK 600/500 H Machine is used for preparing and dispensing special sealants and filling masses for slots and expansion joints in new road investments.
Road widener
The quickest and most effective method for construction of roadsides and widening of existing roads. This attachment machine is a must for many road construction projects.
Emulsion sprinklers
Straßmayr Type TS C Vario sprinkler is used to evenly spray a road surface with emulsion. Emulsion is collected in an insulated tank to keep the set temperature during the working process.
Asphalt Thermo Containers
STRASSMAYR Type AC EH thermos is an insulated container for transport and storage of bituminous asphalt mass with the guarantee to keep temperature, in order to be laid throughout the working day.