BEMA GmbH is a third generation family run company founded in 1940 in Weese, Germany. With extensive experience and tradition, implementation of the latest technology and quality parts, BEMA is a leading manufacturer of attachment sweepers for all types of applications and industries.
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Attachment Sweepers
BEMA Dual PowerMaster guarantees optimum sweeping results in factories, agricultural farms and in the field of road construction. And it performs day after day.
Weed Removal brushes
Combat annoying weeds without chemicals. Convenient solution for large vehicles used for the care of road sides, but also for the environmentally friendly removal of weeds.
Airport Sweepers
High performance airport sweeprs. Cleaning with a speed of up to 40 km/h. BEMA offers customized solutions for winter service at airports.
BEMA Snow ploughs were developed for use on a wide variety of carrier vehicles. Through optimum adaptation to the ground, low-wear clearing blades ensure that the snow is cleared without damaging the pavement.
Suction Sweepers
BEMA Suction Sweeper combines proven sweeper components with innovative suction technology. An optimum cleaning result is achieved by removing stuck foliage, green waste, rubbish, dirt, straw, sawdust…
Multi-Clean Sweepers
BEMA Multi-Clean push broom can be used multi-functionally and is extremely high-quality and robust. Pushes silage, snow, mud, dirt, grit, corn and more.