The Balloon lighting system is an innovative lighting system with wide variety of use. The lighting balloons provide diffused and homogeneous 360 ° light, without shadows and glare free.

Safety lighting for industry and construction market
Whether it is road work at night, maintenance of nuclear installations or construction of dams, lighting balloons are used by everyone, from small self-employed craftsmen, to the largest construction companies.

Safety lighting for emergency and rescue teams
Thanks to their luminous performance, the balloon lighting is equally well used by rescue teams in emergency situations (firefighters, NGOs, natural disasters, etc.) as well as by internal security services (police checks, military camps, logistics, etc.).

FIMACO represents two of the most important manufacturers of balloon lighting:

Airstar (France) is the innovator and world leader in the design and manufacture of lighting balloons. The brand is known and recognized by a global community, in fields as diverse as construction, security, cinema, events, live performances, architecture and more.

LUMOON.GROUP GmbH (Germany) is manufacturer of professional balloon lighting systems for use in industry, construction, rescue and security as well as for all types of events. All Lumoons are developed and manufactured in Germany. Ongoing quality checks during production guarantee reliable products at all times.

AIRSTAR + LUMOON RANGE - Construction Lighting balloons with the best LED technology, highest light output and lowest power consumption. Lighting areas from 1,963 m² to 6,500 m² (32.000 to 132.000 lumen) guarantee professional lighting solution on all types of construction at night hours.
Lighting balloons dedicated to Safety lighting, it is possible to light up an area of 22,500 m² in just two minutes! The Airstar Redtech range and Lumoon's Luzio light balloons provide LED 360 ° light, without shadows and glare free. Different sizes and powers, to provide a lighting solution for efficient and safe night work.
EVENT BALLOON Lighting is an innovative lighting solution for all types of events, concerts, parties, fashion shows, weddings, photoshoots, movie sets, indoor or outdoor sport events or fairs, restaurants. bars, business seminars, product launch, branding and many more. Big variety of shapes and colors.